Six product page changes you should consider for improving user experience.

Have at least one image on your product detail page that helps your customers judge the scale of your product, especially if it is a non-standard item.

Set your product in a surrounding environment, with a model, or other well-known objects to show its relative size.


Products that are 'out of stock' are a dead-end for users. Consider collecting emails or phone numbers to communicate with customers when an item is back in stock. (Use tools like Klaviyo)

Also, consider creating a custom order/backorder with currently unavailable products and transparency around the availability/ship dates.


If you offer free shipping with a cart total caveat - make it clear!

Offer a cart total tracker with Free shipping as a goal, or place 'FREE SHIPPING with $25 order' somewhere prominent - like a header alert bar.

Don't create false expectations as this will surely turn customers off.


A summary of reviews is a critical shopping tool for customers if they have never purchased from you before.

Review summaries give customers a quick glance tally of reviews and the number of reviews - which the higher the total number of reviews the better.

Have both an FAQ and Q&A, where your customer can have a voice, and you can respond to their concerns.

By the way, the questions your customers ask are some of the most highly valuable pieces of information you can gather.

Look for common questions - begin to address the answers clearly on your product pages

Have a cross-sell section that only shows products similar to what the customer is browsing.

This may help a customer find a product they were actually looking for.

Getting your product page design right improves your customers' experience on your website. It increases their chances of buying from your brand.
Make these simple adjustments to your store site and enjoy the increased optimization that follows.

We hope you take these tips and apply them to your store, if you have questions let us know.
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