Our bespoke eCommerce design program.

Redesign is a bespoke eCommerce design solution for brands nearing or over $1M/year in revenue.

What we offer:

- Implementation of new brand direction in an e-commerce experience
- Translation of brand design into digital design
- A focus on web compliant design elements/system
- Integration of research, audits, or other actionable data into UI/UX design
- Updating UI/UX design to reflect winning A/B  tests or CRO efforts
- Creating & maintaining complex digital pattern libraries
- Strategic UI/UX
- Working with brands to translate their digital branding into marketing creative
- Helping to connect clients with other industry specialists
- Helping clients build teams of creatives


- Look more professional
- Enhance trustworthiness
- Become conversion-optimized
- Become pivot/campaign ready with flex design systems
- Feel supported by our friendly team
- Blend brand and marketing needs together

Become the brand you are meant to be

Before (2020)

Megafood Before Desktop

After (2021)

megafod website after

Before (2019)

juste before

After (2020)

Juste After

We feel your pain

We’ve designed enough digital experiences with founders and directors to understand what is usually ailing their e-commerce brands. Are you struggling with these same issues?

You’ve been wondering why you aren’t gaining traction, conversions are low or plateaued.

You are spending a lot on ads & driving traffic with no meaningful increase in rev.

You just don’t have the skill set or resources to pull off a redesign.

Your competitors are ‘killing it’ and you feel pressure from within your org to deliver.

You need to balance brand and marketing needs together in a seemless way.

Your site looks terrible on mobile.

Your site has inconsistent visual design, broken or outdated code and is cumbersome to update.

You aren’t sure how to design to web compliance standards, this is stressful.

Results you should expect

Your site is designed from the ground up to move customers through to successful checkout - and does.

Your site exudes trust for new visitors - it’s legit.

Your site is built for YOUR customers and not just an off-the-shelf look-a-like.

You have an edge on your competition - they didn’t see you coming.

Your design is consistent and accessible to all.

Your advertising dollars won’t be wasted on a site that leaks traffic.

"This was the easiest redesign I've ever been through."

– Jamila Lasante, Megafood

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