Atomic Design System

Even the most minor UI element will be considered in our design systems as they are the core of each component we design. Our design files reflect this with atomic-structure organization, which will please developers and future designers alike.


Customer-oriented Architecture

Using data from analytics and search we will advocate that the architecture of an ecommerce site aligns to the actual user needs, the flow of the site matches their journey and we lead them to a successful checkout with as little friction as possible.

Data Driven

Knowing which KPI’s we wanted to achieve we can begin to test our new design system. The UX process is never a straight path, so we’ll work together to iterate the design to achieve our goals and maximize the results. Often we will analyze heatmaps and other analytics to discover areas of opportunity to improve the overall user experience.


Adaptable Design

Understanding the user’s needs is critical for creating a highly functional design system for ecommerce site - and one of the most important elements of any store is it’s product card.


Components over Pages

We create modular, responsive components (lego blocks of content or functionality) that align to user flows and combine together to form full pages or enhance pages. Why we design with components vs pages

Mobile Oriented and /or Mobile First

While we don’t design “mobile first” always, we always design with mobile at the top of our priority list. There are many times when a desktop design just needs to be differant and we know that. So we don’t hold ourselves to any singular rule.

All of the website components we create are designed with mobile-in-mind. Meaning that we want each one to adapt as seemlessly as possible without loosing much in the transition.

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