Twelve simple strategies your SERVICE business can learn from eCommerce design

Believe it or not, if your website sells services - then it's an eCommerce site.

Wouldn't it make sense to employ eCommerce design strategies?

Wouldn't it make sense to work with people who understand eCommerce principles, interaction design, and consumer psychology and not just make sites look 'nicer'?

The goal of any eCommerce site is to move website visitors through a flow of information and direct them to a goal. That goal is a sale.

Your SALE may end with a cart checkout OR it may end with a customer calling you for an estimate. 

No matter the 'sale' the user experience needs to support YOUR specific customers on their journey to success.

Here are our top considerations you MUST make for your service website to work for you like an eCommerce site would.

  1. Be extremely clear on what you offer. You should be able to say this in one sentence at the top of your website

  2. Your imagery should also help visitors identify what you do

  3. Tailor your navigation to the things YOUR customers need to know/care about

  4. Focus your copywriting on how you solve your customer's problems and not on your story

  5. Give customers clear indications on what they need to do in order to work with you

  6. Provide social proof (reviews, testimonials, certifications)

  7. Make sure your visual design syncs up with your target audience, market, and price point

  8. Utilize buttons and link styles that are obvious, and easy to see/utilize

  9. Implement Google analytics and screen recording tools to further your understanding of how visitors are using your site - adjust as needed

  10. Address common concerns, called objections, with content that helps users overcome their fears

  11. Identify and clearly state how your service differs from others

  12. Make sure the steps a visitor takes on your website leads to a smooth process offline (Don't make me fill out a contact form that you don't actually receive and monitor)

We hope these tips provide you with some actionable value. If they did and you’d like to speak further about optimizing your website - whether service-based or eCommerce - schedule a call with us:


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